Cuddly Wuddly Wombat


The wombat, one of Australia's lesser-known marsupials, is notorious for digging burrows with its claws and strong font legs. As a nocturnal animal, the wombat usually sleeps in its burrow during the day and comes out at night. Despite its slow, plump appearance it is actually a fast runner.

Cuddly Wuddly (C.W.) Wombat is a sleepy, friendly little guy. He spends most of his day asleep and ventures out at night. He is a wonderful storyteller and can expound on the legends and folklore of the Aborigines of Australia or the Maori of New Zealand. With his droopy eyes and his constant desire for sleep, he is a furry, cuddly lump of a guy.

Theme Song
AUSTRALIA: Do 'Ya Wanna' Scuba?
AUSTRALIA: Enter into the Outback
NEW ZEALAND: The Land We Call New Zealand

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