The Raccoon Twins

Food and fun seekers

Raccoons are easily identified with the North American continent and hold a special place in American folklore, in particular for the use of their hands. Raccoons are quick and agile animals that can outsmart their opponents. Their distinctive markings are the black fur around their eyes and their bushy, ringed tails.

The Raccoon Twins are sly and crafty critters. The two are always together. The rambunctious twins have an affinity for eating and they will get into most any place if there is food to be found. Although similar in appearance, their personalities are quite different. The girl is an aggressive risk taker, yet her twin brother is not so bold. While the sister is always plotting and scheming, her brother typically bears the brunt of her mischief.

Theme Song
CANADA: Canada's Winter Delight [Quebec]
CANADA: Let's All Go to the Rodeo [Calgary]
MEXICO: Dia de los Muertos
USA: Get to Know New Orleans
USA: You Always Leave Me Singin' the Blues [Chicago]

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