WeeBeeTunes Travel Adventures Named Winner of 2003 Parents' Choice Awards

Chicago, April 4, 2003
WeeBeeTunes Travel Adventures, the animated music videos that teach kids about the world, have been honored with Parents' Choice Awards. Through these prestigious awards, both titles in the WeeBeeTunes series received recognition for their excellent production and human values. "The Journey Continues!" [DVD] received a 2003 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award, while "Get Your Passport!" [Audio CD] received a 2003 Parents' Choice Recommended Award.

The WeeBeeTunes debut release, "Get Your Passport!" introduces children to 14 destinations across the seven continents. The music CD contains 23 songs highlighted with stunning vocal performances and delightful melodies that incorporate indigenous instruments and local sounds. On this release, kids and their parents can take a musical trip back in time to the pyramids of Egypt, trek to the top of Mt. Everest with the Sherpas, scuba dive in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, shop in Istanbul's fabulous Grand Bazaar, or even sing the blues in Chicago.

The second release in the WeeBeeTunes series, "The Journey Continues!" introduces 15 new destinations. The DVD is a showcase for beautiful animation with colorful background illustrations of famous landmarks and landscapes, accompanied by interactive features that allow kids to choose destinations from a map of the world. On this release, children can travel across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express or visit Machu Picchu in Peru. They can celebrate famous festivals such as Winter Carnival in Quebec City or Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. From Norway to Tanzania, "The Journey Continues!" is an energetic world tour.

WeeBeeTunes is dedicated to helping kids better understand and appreciate the world's populations, cultures, and physical geography. Each song introduces basic elements of history, culture, or biodiversity via references to significant historical events, famous landmarks, cultural festivals, or important ecosystems. Visually, the host for each travel episode is one of the WeeBeeTunes travel friends, seven animals indigenous to the seven continents - a scholarly salamander, a clever crane, an enigmatic yak, a sleepy wombat, a debonair penguin, a soccer playing otter, and a precocious pair of raccoon twins. WeeBeeTunes Travel Adventures is a product of Girdwood Partners, a Chicago-based children's media venture.

Established in 1978, Parents' Choice Foundation is the nation's oldest not-for-profit evaluator of children's media products. The Foundation's mission is to provide parents with information to participate wisely in their children's learning. The foundation maintains an independent voice and has no commercial ties.

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