Osvaldo the Soccer Otter

Sports enthusiast

While otters are found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica, the giant otter of South America is the largest, sometimes growing up to seven feet long. Otters are excellent swimmers and live along rivers, lakes, and marshes; sea otters live in the Pacific Ocean. These furry mammals spend much of their lives in water and feed on mostly fish and other seafood.

Osvaldo the Soccer Otter is the ultimate player. Everything is a game to be conquered with a soccer ball. Although his real passion is soccer, Osvaldo is a fan of all sports. He is as familiar with basketball in the United States as he is with cricket in Pakistan or rugby in New Zealand. He is always wearing one of his South American soccer jerseys and is constantly juggling the ball with his head, tail, and feet.

Theme Song
ARGENTINA: The Dance of Argentina
BRAZIL: Floatin' Along the Amazon River
BRAZIL: Carnival of Rio de Janeiro
ECUADOR: Welcome to Ecuador
PERU: Look at You Machu Picchu

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